How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets
The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any household. It’s where meals are cooked and families eat, and also a place to play fun games or just talk.
The foodie craze is changing the way we eat and the way we cook. Amateur chefs get ideas from cooking shows and then visit farmers markets to find the best possible ingredients for the delicious meals they put together. And homebuyers want the perfect kitchen where they can make their culinary creations. While a complete revamp of your kitchen isn’t necessarily practical, one easy step is to clear out the cabinets and pantry.
Organize Your Pots and Pans. You should dedicate a cabinet or two to your pots and pans, and start the process by emptying out the cabinets and dusting them. Then, put the cookware back, neatly and organized. Place covers on pots and arrange them by size. This is also a good opportunity to get rid of items you no longer use and to designate a cabinet for special cooking items like slow cookers, bread makers, food processors, blenders, etc.
Dishes and Glasses. If your cabinets are overrun with dishes, bowls, cups and glasses, clear out some clutter. Set aside older things you no longer use and, if possible, donate them to a local soup kitchen or senior center. Keep whatever you’ll need to use while selling your home and place everything back neatly. Try not to leave any cabinets completely empty, but rather, send the message to buyers that your kitchen has enough room for all their cooking supplies.
In the Pantry. This is commonly a space that has a lot of potential for improved organization. Go through your pantry and toss ingredients and packages with expiration dates that have passed or that you don’t expect to use. Then clear everything else out, clean the shelves of crumbs and spilled foods, and replace things neatly. Put canned goods like soups, sauces and vegetables together, and cereal boxes on one level with boxed goods on another level.
Under the Sink. Here’s a space that can get unorganized and messy very easily. Clear everything out and clean this space thoroughly. This is where people commonly keep cleaning ingredients, dishwasher detergent, sponges and cleaning supplies. Get rid of items you don’t use (be sure to dispose of cleaners in an environmentally safe way) and replace them in an organized manner.
Organizing the storage areas in your kitchen will improve your home’s visual appeal while allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves preparing delicious meals in the space.

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